Our Fraud Policy

I felt this legalese was better to do in a blog post and put out there. it disheartens me that I have to say this but I do have to say it. In a few years that I have been working as a trainer in the architectural industry, I have come across a bunch of people who would take advantage of someone trying to help them learn how to compete and gain the skills needed to be in the business. If you are in so dire need that do you need someone to do your work for you were you thinking chuter is there to give you all the answers, please consider going somewhere else. We work with people of good character who are interested in learning. CADLEO will except deligated projects from those who have the ability or have the authority to delegate a project; however, we will not help you commit fraud or plagerise your work. Please consider the above before hiring us if you are looking to commit fraud or plagiarize your homework did you just don’t have the time to do it. The above is considered stealing of intellectual property and and you can be criminally charged, brought the trial, and face jail time and possible fines. CADLEO is here to help people who want to learn, need the help to fix a problem, and want to build a relationship with a knowledgeable Revit and AutoCAD trainer and CAD/Bim consultant.

Thank you for reading this article and please contact us for your next problem or training issue.

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