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For the past 2 months, I have started to use Dragon dictate with various programs on my computer. It is tested to work with all Microsoft applications and web applications. At current, Dragon has not officially been tested by Nuance to work with Autodesk software in particular Revit. This is an unofficial report on how Revit functions with Dragon dictate.

I believe fully the age of the keyboard is going away. Voice to text is now becoming of age and is getting to be a for a more advanced and faster tool for dictation and notes especially in architectural drawings. I was told by Dragon technical support that this would not work and or it was not tested thus they can guarantee if it will work. Dragon dictate supports the medical, legal, and business fields. But what about architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, and developers. This is $1 trillion business in the number of buildings that exist both in residential and commercial. But what if we could reduce the amount of time it takes us to redo the document notes, title views and reduce the number of mistakes by typing. And also edit the text with just a few words of command. In addition, you can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and make construction documents easier to create.
At current, the following functions work in Autodesk Revit 2020 and above. Here is a demonstration of the following functions of Revit you can use with Dragon dictate. Please also tell me if he runs any functional issues or you find things that work that I haven’t yet.
Annotations: when you click the text command (tool commands are not active yet) and click the text box you want to create just start speaking and a Dragon Notepad text box will appear. In the Dragon Notepad, you can use all the functions of Dragon to modify and edit your text. When done, say click transfer and the text will automatically transfer to the Revit text box.

Views: when you add or need to update you in either elevation, plan, section, 3D view in the workspace or project browser, click on the appropriate title, highlight the text and speak the current title you needed to say. You can also get an all capital title simply by saying “ALL CAPS THAT”.

Schedules: schedules are 1 of the hardest elements to enter the text that is capitalized and correct. A lot of times you have to correct the schedules that Revit creates. Having the ability with Dragon dictate is especially helpful when it comes to note blocks, general notes, and any other schedule where you have to put the comment. I suggest that the note or text parameter is set up as a multiline parameter as it will give you a pop-up text box. As before, speak your tax and edit it with all Dragon commands as needed. When you are done, say “click okay”.
At current what doesn’t work is Voice Commands such as if you were to say click wall a little box will appear for click wall but it won’t do anything.

In conclusion, the power being able to speak your notes will save you time in your design process and to modify your notes via a few Dragon commands will make editing your tax for faster. Contact CAD Leo today to find out more how DragonDictate can work for you in your work environment. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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