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Syllabus Example

Below is just one example of Classes for beginning and advanced Autodesk Revit project Users. The Classes below were written for a residential Architect. Syllabi are open to modification per user needs basing on Software (ie Autocad, revit, 3ds max, Vectorworks, Adobe and Trimble) and training needs.  Contact Leo at leo@cadleo.com with any questions or to book lessons.

Syllabus Example

Revit ONE AND TWO (I have included the previous topics for your own review. Questions about the previous Classes topics will have a review in Revit 2.)

Midterm DUE TBA




  • What IS BIM?, A history of evolution, BIM VS, CAD

  • Program topography

  • Walls and Floors

  • Basic roofs

  • Stairs, openings Basic

  • 10 types of common roofs and how to create them

  • Advanced modification, Editing Profiles of walls, Splitting Elements, Arrays and copying element between levels 

  • Glazings and Glass walls: Creating, Editing, Modifying, Curtain grids, mullions, replacing panels with doors

  • Components and Families: Placing, editing and finding an external component in the bim objects library

  • Ceilings, placing an automatic ceiling, sketching a ceiling, ceiling elements, sloped ceilings, and soffit walls

  • Grids, Levels, and Datum elements

  • Views, plans, Section, elevations, internal elevations, callouts and Duplication of views

  • The midterm test

  • Annotations Part One: Dimensions,  Detail Items, and Tagging

  • Annotations Part Two: Revision clouds and Revision Schedule Editing 

  • Massing and Site Basics: How to model and modify a topo surface, place trees, plants, and entourage

  • Ceilings Part One: Automatic Ceiling, Sketch Ceiling, Modifying Materials

  • Ceilings Part Two: ceiling elements sloped ceilings and soffit walls

  • Structural elements: Columns, Beams: using, placing and modifying 

  • Rendering and Camera; Creating a 3d view

  • Bring it all together: Sheets and Title blocks, placing views on sheets, placing title block information


Revit Two will cover all you need to put a full construction document package together and work with Revit for your business. A template for Residential architecture created for you. The syllabus shall change as needed and topics will be added or deleted by the instructor 



  • What’s new in the Latest Revit

  • Structure tab

  • Systems tab focusing on electrical and lighting HVAC System

  • Advanced walls 

  • Advanced Roofs including dormers, slope angles, eave alignment

  • Advanced stairs including stair by sketch and landing creation

  • Advanced Floors

  • Ramps  

  • Review of previous weeks

  • Work sets and Linked models

  • advanced Railings

  • importing and using pdf’s in Revit 2020

  • Parameter Creation introduction 

  • Family creation both Non-Parametric and Parametric Families

  • Phasing: Filters, Schedules, and Parameter

  • Massing and Site tab: True north and Project north, Topo-surfaces, site elements

  • The final test